TQC 2018

This is the thirteenth in a series of conferences that aims to bring together the leading researchers in the areas of quantum computation, quantum communication and quantum cryptography. TQC covers all theoretical aspects of quantum information.


Areas of interest include, but are not restricted to:

  • quantum algorithms

  • models of quantum computation

  • quantum complexity theory

  • simulation of quantum systems

  • quantum cryptography

  • quantum communication

  • quantum information theory

  • quantum estimation and measurement

  • intersection of quantum information and condensed-matter theory

  • quantum coding theory

  • fault-tolerant quantum computing

  • entanglement theory

Invited Speakers

Michelle Simmons (UNSW)​

Joe Fitzsimons (SUTD and CQT)

Adam Bouland (UC Berkeley)

Hakop Pashayan (University of Sydney)

QSML 2018

In addition to TQC, QSI is also hosting satellite workshop on Quantum Software and Quantum Machine Learning immediately following it, July 19-20. The workshop will be comprised of invited talks with plenty of room for discussions. 


The scope of the satellite workshop will include the following:

  • quantum software and programming environments;

  • the application of quantum algorithms to solve problems in machine learning

  • the application of machine learning algorithms to currently challenging and unsolved problems in quantum information and many-body physics problems

  • the application of ideas in condensed matter physics and quantum computation to solve and understand problems in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Invited Speakers

Srinivasan Arunachalam (CWI Amsterdam)
Axel Dahlberg (QuTech)
Lídia Del Rio (ETH Zurich)
Min-Hsiu Hsieh (QSI Sydney)
Virginia Frey (University of Sydney)
Mária Kieferová (Macquarie University)
Nana Liu (CQT Singapore)
Katja Ried (University of Innsbruck)
Maria Schuld (University of KwaZulu-Natal, Xanadu)

Sally Shrapnel (University of Queensland)
Nathan Wiebe (Microsoft)
Giacomo Torlai (University of Waterloo)
Justyna P. Zwolak (QuICS, NIST)


If you would like to present a poster, please email Christopher.ferrie@uts.edu.au with the subject "QSML POSTER".


Programme Committee

Miriam Backens (University of Oxford) 
Somshubhro Bandyopadhyay (Bose Institute, Calcutta) 
Aleksandrs Belovs (University of Latvia) 
Dominic Berry (Macquarie University) 
Mario Berta (Imperial College) 
Ben Brown (University of Sydney) 
Andrew Childs (University of Maryland) 
Elizabeth Crosson (California Institute of Technology) 
David Elkouss (QuTech, TU Delft) 
Philippe Faist (Caltech) 
Steven Flammia (University of Sydney) 
Keisuke Fujii (Kyoto University) 
François Le Gall (Kyoto University) 
Raul Garcia-Patron (ULB) 
David Gosset (IBM) 
David Gross (University of Cologne) 

Masahito Hayashi (Nagoya University/CQT NUS) 
Peter Høyer (University of Calgary) 
Rahul Jain (CQT NUS) 
Stacey Jeffery (chair; QuSoft, CWI)
Robin Kothari (Microsoft Research) 
Anthony Leverrier (Inria) 
Ke Li (Harbin Institute of Technology) 
Laura Mančinska (QMATH, University of Copenhagen) 
Matthew McKague (Queensland University of Technology) 
Ashley Montanaro (University of Bristol) 
Pradeep Sarvepalli (IIT Madras) 
Jamie Sikora (PI) 
Fang Song (Portland State University) 
Thomas Vidick (California Institute of Technology) 
Michael Walter (QuSoft, University of Amsterdam) 
Beni Yoshida (PI) 
Henry Yuen (Berkeley/Toronto) 

Local Committee

Marco Tomamichel (Chair)

Christopher Ferrie (Chair QSML)

Min-Hsiu Hsieh

Peter Rohde

Simon Devitt

Michael Bremner

Steering Committee

Anne Broadbent (U Ottawa)

Wim van Dam (UCSB)

Aram Harrow (MIT)

Yasuhito Kawano (NTT, Tokyo)

Michele Mosca (IQC)

Martin Roetteler (Microsoft Research)

Simone Severini (UCL)

Mark M. Wilde (LSU)